Ford Truck Witness Window GraphicsWitness Window Graphics was started with one theme in mind: to help Christians promote their faith. In a world that is rapidly moving away from God, the Church and Faith, Witness Window Graphics exists to encourage Christians to stand up for their faith and to display it proudly. Therefore, the marketing plan of Witness Window Graphics accomplishes two goals: helping Christian Schools fund their budgets, and giving Christians a way to show their faith on their automobiles.
David Noland is the owner and founder of Witness Window Graphics and is a member of an independent Baptist church in Kansas. Likewise, all employees of WWG are also members of independent Baptist churches. Since God is the One who gives the increase, David tithes on all WWG proceeds to his local New Testament church.
Witness Window Graphics believes that the King James Bible is the inerrant, inspired Word of God. All scripture references printed on WWG products will be from the KJV.