Frequently Asked Questions


Watch the video below for window installation instructions:

Who am I selling for?

The company you are selling for is Witness Window Graphics. The owner is a member of an Independent Baptist Church in Kansas. Tithing on sales will be done by the owner to his local church.


What is the school selling?

You will be selling perforated vinyl window graphics (decals), also referred to as “see-through” or “one-way” graphics.


 What are perforated vinyl window graphics?

Perforated window graphics are a custom decal that can be placed on any window (home, car, truck, business, church, etc…). Perforated window graphics appear opaque from the outside, but allow visibility from the inside. (Please see enclosed graphic).

The graphics are placed on the outside of the windows. (We do not suggest you place the graphics on windows that roll up and down, as this could damage the graphic).

Perforated window graphics are a way to advertise without disturbing visibility. Car washes will not hurt or damage the graphic (although, please take care when using high pressure power washers near the corners, as this may cause the graphic to come off).

Rear defrosters will not hurt or damage the graphic.

Rear wiper blades will not hurt of damage the graphic.


How long do the perforated vinyl window graphics last?

The time varies, with the dominant factor being the sun fading the ink. An unlaminated graphic will usually last 2-3 years, while a laminated graphic can last up to 7 years.


Why perforated?

  • Visibility: Perforated is easily seen through while looking out, while others looking in will only see a graphic.
  • Sun Shade: Since the graphic material is 50% vinyl and 50% holes, it acts as a sun shade for your vehicle/home.
  • Privacy: Our graphic material provides protection from others looking into your home, vehicle or business. It doesn’t completely prohibit people from looking in, but it helps.
  • Promotion: You can print a message on your graphic to promote your Church, business, school, etc.


What will the school receive from the company?

The school will receive all pertinent information for selling: brochures, pricing guides, sales form, and samples of perforated vinyl.


How much does the school receive for fund raising?

The school will be paid a minimum of 20% of Total Sales.

  • $0 – $4,999 20% of sales
  • $5,000 – $9,999 22% of sales
  • $10,000 and up 24% of sales


What does the school have to do?

  • Promote: You promote the fundraising program to your kids.
  • Present: Your kids present the graphics to whomever they choose.
  • Paid: You get paid after the supporters complete their orders.

Once done with selling, we ask that you return all brochures, sales forms, etc.


When does the school receive their money?

A check will be written and mailed to the school within 1-2 days of receiving the sales money.


Are there any financial commitments from the school?

No out of pocket money is required.


What time frame does the school have to complete this program?

The time frame varies. Usually the school has about 1 month to make the sales.


Who handles the problems and discrepancies?

Witness Window Graphics will handle all problems and discrepancies.


What if an individual or business wants a customized window graphic?

Have the individual/business order online at

Give them the provided school coding so your school can still receive money from the sale.


What are the costs of the products?

Please see the enclosed Pricing Guide.


How do we handle returns?

If the customer is not satisfied with the graphic, please have them contact Witness Window Graphics. Do not charge the customer, nor give them the window graphic. Please send the remaining window graphics back to Witness Window Graphics and we will reimburse you for shipping by adding that amount to your total sales.


How do you install the perforated vinyl window graphic?

Easy-to-follow instructions will be included for each window graphic to be handed to the buyer. There will be instructional videos on the website as well.


How do I remove the window graphic?

The window graphics are easily removed. Just pull from one corner and the entire graphic should pull off in one piece. It will not leave any sticky residue. It is recommended that you wash your windows after removing the graphic material.

While the graphics are removable, they are not reusable. Removing the graphic will stretch the vinyl material and render it unusable.


Is there a warranty on the graphic material?

Witness Window Graphics offers a 6 month limited warranty on the fading of ink. 


Witness Window Graphics will only print KJV Bible verses and will not print any explicit or questionable material.