Witness Window Graphics Jumpstart Your Fundraising

Witness Window Graphics is pleased to offer you the next innovation in fundraising products…perforated window vinyl. This program is first and foremost a FUND-RAISER and it has been designed to maximize the profits you can earn for your school.

  • No out-of-pocket expenses
  • The product lasts for years
  • We are a faith-based company
  • Promote Christianity and the Bible



You can supplement your operating capital in three easy steps!

Step 1 for Fundraisers

You PROMOTE your fundraising program to your students.

Step 2 for Fundraisers

Your students PRESENT the product to their families and friends.

Step 3 for Fundraisers

You then get PAID after the supporters complete their orders.

Honda AccordWhy custom window graphics?

  • Increases privacy and security of your vehicle
  • Creates a 50% shade from the sun & heat
  • Creates an opportunity for advertising
  • Proven to last for up to seven years
  • Easily installs on virtually any window
  • Removable with no damage to your car

We have engineered this program to benefit you and your organization. There are no out-of-pocket expenses for you, and no way this program can cost you any money. We will send you all the tools you’ll need: brochures, pricing guides, sales form and samples of the vinyl material. Your students present the product to their families and friends, and collect the order information on their forms. We ship the product to you to deliver and collect payment. Once we receive the payment, we send your percentage.

Consider the possibilities… Some of today’s best fundraising programs are built around pizzas, donuts, popcorn and candy bars. We offer a product that your supporters will enjoy for many months. We have a vast catalog of artwork including nature, landscapes, animals, patriotic, etc… Your supporters can pick the image they want, designate their window, and then follow the simple instructions for installation. They can include text on any image, declaring a favorite Bible verse, a quote from history or the name of your school or business.